Behind his brooding looks, this striking actor hides a disarming sense of humor. He sees himself as a “private-schooled rebel” and considers acting as “writing with the body” to explore the human condition, in a quest for truth and transformation through detail. He believes in the power of performance to reach others and provide them with a voice.

After studying Film Production in Montreal and Language Teaching in Toronto, Gabriel lived and worked in Ottawa, Toronto, Paris, Barcelona and Reunion Island but mainly in Montreal of which he remained a legal and spiritual resident. To this citizen of the world, mastering accents comes naturally. A full member of both Unions, speaking English and French as if both were his first language, and after conquering France where he is still represented, his new goal is to thrive in the Canadian market and it is only a matter of time before he reaches it. His unique determination, bordering on stubbornness, allows him to consistently open new doors in order to fulfill his mission: acting !