A classical dance training with “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens” for many years, Simone-Elise’s first love, she then traded dancing for acting and fell madly in love with the profession.

Striking woman with a slender appearance, she still comes across assured with a crisp personality. Over the years, she developed a bilingual career spending her time in California and Montreal. We are familiar with her recent work as series regular, portraying strong female characters in critically acclaimed series in Quebec including “Unité 9” and in O’. She received outstanding reviews abroad for her nuanced and introverted performance of Béatrice in Denis Côté’s feature film, “Boris sans Béatrice”. We have seen her also in US productions such as The Curious case of Benjamin Button, alongside Brad Pitt, and the mega hit series ER, where she was a regular during the 9th and 10th seasons and with many other renowned and talented international actors and directors.

Simone-Elise has acted in over 50 productions and her love and devotion for the industry is so strong that she intends to perform until her 100 years !